Harmony, confidence and vitality

This practical book introduces you to 20 blends and essential oils, as well as simple, effective recipes that I use to relieve many little « boo-boos », on a daily basis.

Because I remember how I felt when I received my kit of essential oils and health products. Despite my training in aromatherapy and my knowledge of how to make a few products, I wondered what I was going to do, in practice, with it all.

At the time, I was so overwhelmed by life’s events that I thought I was having a panic attack! Luckily, I had some calming essential oils to help me!

So, for those of you who, like me, have already felt overwhelmed or underwhelmed, I offer you this book, written with love and care, so that you can navigate the difficult moments with a little more gentleness.

Bonus: by purchasing this book, you’ll gain access to several additional resources.


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Autographed Harmony, Confidence and Vitality

Autographed Harmony, Confidence and Vitality

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Harmonie, Confiance et Vitalité: 20 huiles essentielles à avoir chez soi

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Because it’s the little daily habits that are the most important.